Diversity   •   Feminism


Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Inc., wanted to inspire woman to achieve success. She made that dream a reality with only five products and a small Dallas, Texas store. Her Business has grown to over 200 premium products, 3.5 million Beauty Consultants, in over 35 countries. The business is now over 50 years old, and struggles to grab the attention of the younger audience.  The business emphasizes female independence and empowerment. It is believed that their untapped targets share the same values as the brand, but isn’t quite as appealing to the many personas to which most millennial makeup brands cater. 


To completely break the illusion of Mary Kay only being an option for the older generation, I created a sub-brand to reach the millennial users.  The birth of ASH will encourage the younger demographic to be fearless in their endeavors.  This generation has more options and more dreams than ever. ASH can instill the idea of positivity, creativity, and confidence for the females of Generation Y. Mary Kay will then be known for more than their more mature audience. A “Smart ASH” collection will be for the health and skincare-conscious; a “Bold ASH“ for the brave and fearless, and a “Tough ASH“ for the “go-getters” who value durable and long-lasting, staple products.


Most ads that are used to sell cosmetics have one or two main ideas of what a beautiful face looks like. When selecting models, I was sure to include multiple races to demonstrate the beauty in diversity, all while utilizing the brand’s current idea of female empowerment and togetherness.


Photography:  Erika Lynn Miller