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osu star house

Graphic Design
Youth Homelessness Prevention

OSU Star House serves as a drop-in center for homeless or struggling youth between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four. It’s a central meeting point for youth in need and the concerned community. Star House allows them the opportunity to eat, sleep, shower, wash and receive clothing; as well as guiding their searches for future education, jobs, and housing. 


The director at the time had expressed how their biggest struggle was putting the limited budget OSU Star House has, towards deliverables that can attract both those in need, and those who can lend a hand.  I surveyed a class of college students, and 100% of them stated how much they would love to donate their usable, older items, but how little time they had to remember and deliver their untouched clothing, supplies, and hygiene products.  


In hopes of creating conversation and attracting more volunteers, I created five interactive vinyl posters to be placed around the city.  Each one features a quote that shines a light on a different, daily struggle of a local homeless teen.  The posters allows present the opportunity for the viewer to learn more about the anonymous homeless teen, using the Aurasma App on their mobile phone.  When activated and held to the poster, clips and audio of the teen are played, evoking emotion.  


I eliminated the excuse of “no time“ to donate items through a mailed brochure encouraging the community to leave what they can in a box in front of their home(s).  The donator would mark the box with the official OSU Star House Star sticker and utilize the free pick-up service, by texting “PICK UP“ to 678-74 (OSU-SH) with the address of the donated items.  OSU Star House would then reply with an automated confirmation, pick up the box in the organization’ cargo vehicle, and later send a personalized letter written by the teen who most appreciated the donated items, all featuring decals and decorative elements I designed as a part of the organization’s updated brand.