Brand Identity & UI Design

My goal was to reach a new audience with a well-known, household appliance. I wanted Rubbermaid to appeal to more than just the “house mom”, and redirect the focus to health-conscious individuals who don’t always have the time to successfully carry out each goal: save money, eat right, and work out. Update is an innovative, smart, food storage system utilizing mindful and efficient meal preparation tactics and technology.


I designed the container, bar code, the sub-brands’ branding guidelines, along with various promotional deliverables. Since it would be in the market as a new product with a familiar name brand, I created an e-blast that would be sent to Rubbermaid’s regular customers, along with those who recently purchased a new Update container, each of gender-neutral colors. Both the recipient and the friend of their choice would use the code to receive a discount on their next Update purchase.


The app allows the user to view the date their food was stored, the date it expires, and its nutrition facts. It also scans the container’s QR code, searches for meal prep. recipes, and tracks items needed for future meals. I then created a poster series that would target each possible audience: those interested in saving money or efficiency, health, and fitness.